Balinsasayaw, Silang, Cavite

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Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

July 9, 2010, my wife and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with a lunch at Balinsasayaw Cottage Restaurants in Silang, Cavite. But before finally deciding to have our lunch there, we first checked two other restaurants here in Tagaytay. One is the newly established shabu-shabu restaurant named Seferino’s. The place is great but lacked the dining areas itself japanese ambiance I was expecting for a japanese restaurant. But, of course, that was not what made not to eat there. It was their menu. I don’t think a batch of vegestables and a few meat and dumplings for about 600 pesos per person would be reasonable. I was hoping there would be a buffet or at least they’d let us choose what goes in our pots.

Seferino's Shabu-Shabu

Next we tried the Bali along Aguinaldo hi-way. The small nipa huts gave it a little ambiance of Leslie’s except that they menu is presented the way small-scale turo-turo and carinderias display what they have for a day. Go figure how it looked like.

Bali, Tagaytay City

So we finally decided to go to Balinsasayaw. It was actually my first time to be there but not for my wife. The way the dining cottages were scattered on a hill-like elevation got me excited. But of course, I can’t be so romantic for we have a chapperon with us – my wife is so many months pregnant so she can no longer drive and I also can’t drive because I really cant drive so we had to take my wife’s cousin to drive for us. Cheers!

Me & Wifey @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

Balinsasayaw Restaurant in SIlang, Cavite

These are the birdcage-like cottages. They are covered with mosquito nets even though there’s hardly a mosquito outside. I thought it’s just the management’s idea to make them look like bird cages without making the patrons feel like they’re in actual bird cages because the restaurant was actually named after a bird with a very nutritious saliva.

What we ate @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

Sweet Chili Crab @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

Crispy Pata @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

We had crispy pata, grilled tuna belly, ensaladang talong, pineapple rice and their Sweet Chili Crab special (the one in the tarpaulin outside). I didn’t really like the crab because the chili sauce tasted strongly like Jufran but the rest of the dishes tasted great. But what really got my attention was their Kimchi appetizer. So far, I only had tasted great kimchi in the Philippines – one from my wife’s previous Korean boss and this. Among all the restaurants offering kimchi here in the Philippines, so far this kimchi from Balinsasayaw Restaurant is the only one that met my standard when it comes to kimchi.

Kimchi @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

It was so great I had to make another order for take-out.

I would highly recommend the Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang, Cavite to anyone who would love to eat great food but doesn’t want to feel they’re being robbed when the bill comes out. All those food in the photos only cost us PHP 2,100.00. The kimchi is only PHP 65.00 per serving.

Disclaimer: Husbands are not foodies, they just love to eat. It means I know the taste of the kimchi that I would love but that doesn’t make me a kimchi expert.

Hungry Husband @ Balinsasayaw Restaurant

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9 Responses to Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

  1. mendel lucero says:

    nice view of living life…
    i wonder,,, i would like to make blogs like you do.- i want to follow your style in publishing them(and making them).. what camera/resolution do u use in our photos?

  2. Paul says:

    We recently visited Cavite this January. My daughter came with us and wanted to treat all of her cousins to a meal at Balinsasayaw Restaurant. We had a terrible time trying to find it. So, I asked for a business card with the address. This is so that others will have an opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere that is the Balinsasayaw Restaurant:
    Km. 44 Aguinaldo Hwy
    Brgy. Tubuan 2, Bypass
    Silang, Cavite
    tel. (046) 850-5321
    cell 0928-5066485

  3. Kotsengkuba says:

    Thanks for the info, Paul. Whenever someone would ask me for directions, I would often tell them that when the split road at Silang meet, they'd find Balinsasayaw restaurant along Aguinaldo Highway :)

  4. Melanie says:

    Thanks for this. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Salamat for sharing your experienced sa isang Silang destination sa mundo ng internet for people to see.
    Bilang isang tunay na native ng Silang, I;m proud sa mga magagandang pagbabago sa aking bayan na kinalakihan. Once again, salamat and Im glad you enjoyed the place.

    Very Respectfully,
    Tony Montoya
    Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  6. Anonymous says:

    gud pm po….ask ko lng po sana kung may contact number kayo ng nanay's catering in silang cavite din po un….salamat po

  7. Anonymous says:

    ive been traveling in and out of tagaytay for business. I usually ate in tagaytay until i got tired of the usual food that me and my wife and kids eat. I never thought that there are still unknown eatery in cavite. Net time we go to tagaytay i will make a point to check out balisawsaw since i love kimchi too likewise with my kids. Thanks for the address paul.

  8. Baby Labuni says:

    I just want to know if you are open X’mas day and would like to make reservation for 12 people.
    Baby Labuni

  9. Baby Labuni says:

    I just wanna say that last year,me and my elementary school classmates had a reunion in your restaurant. Your ambiance is super beautiful and your food are major,major delicious. Highly recommended to the east and to the west part of the world!!!!!

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