Boodle Feast at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island in Market! Market!

Noel Cabacungan

My being handsome is not a curse, it's a gift from the gods to humanity. For more photos, follow me on Instagram @noelcabacungan.

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6 Responses

  1. wow, those crabs look plump and juicy!

  2. hello miss fortuitous faery, thanks for being my first commenter here ;-)

    unfortunately there were only 2 pcs of those crabs. also i’m not sure whether we ordered the bigger or the smaller set since it was my sister-in-law who made the orders and it was my mother-in-law who paid the bill.

    and btw, are you the owner or the postcards from miss igorota? i just checked your blogs and blogger profile and i saw miss igorota among the daffodils so i wandered.

  3. chuvachuchu says:

    hoyyyy nakakakdami ka na ng blog ahhhhh

    hahahahhaah this is nice, masarap ba ang adobong starfish?? HAHAHHA

    fave namin yang boodle sa seafood island

  4. i’m so sorry ngayon ko lang nasagot yung Q mo…i wasn’t notified that you reacted to my comment..haha.

    yes, i maintain miss igorota’s blog and co-blog with 5 other filipinas in different locations. we’re celebrating our first blogoversary today! :)

  5. Snow says:

    Sarap dyan KK! Madalas ako dyan kasi malapit lang kami sa Market! Market! :)

  6. promise, last na to. hahaha.

    masarap kase maging travel and food blogger. in the future, magkakaron narin to ng mga video blogs.


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