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Virgin shores at Calayo Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

Calayo beach resort and Calayo coast in Nasugbu, Batangas.

We’ve been planning this family outing since March of this year and you can’t imagine how many times we had everyone’s agreement on certain resorts only to be discarded later on due to conflicts which ranges from allocated budget, location and schedule. Even the original number of attendees were dropped to 8 (excluding our little Tifa) because of their own personal reasons. But it was thanks to random bloggers that my wife had stumbled upon during her eternal search for the perfect location that we were able to find this place and finally had everyone’s agreement. Special thanks to Rajavoom who took the liberty of navigating us through text messages on our way to Calayo. (Go pester him on his blog, Prosti).

What’s so exciting about Calayo beach resort is the fact that, because it’s undeveloped and un-commercialized, you don’t have to rub elbows with strangers either while swimming or simply rolling you naked self on the fine grains of sand along the shore. The only drawback is that you can’t find a closed cottage, a room or a hostel to leave your things while your swimming or sleeping. But you could find open cottages that you could rent for Php500 for a day or Php1,000 overnight. Or maybe you could get it for less depending on your skills in haggling. Just don’t leave your important things unattended or just have someone to watch over your things while your swimming or burying yourselves under the sands. There’s also a sari-sari store nearby where you could buy Coca-cola products, gas for your kerosene lamps (if you have) or for your coal grill and bonfires. I can’t remember if there were ice cubes being sold there so you had to buy before you go or stop by along the sari-sari stores along Nasugbu proper. We bought our ice tubes drinks from a store near Jollibee Nasugbu.

The waves on the center shore carry small pieces of woods which probably came from the bonfires lit during the nights which were carried away by the wind to the water. Also, about 3 feet deep, you could still see grains of sands floating with the water because of the strong waves disturbing the surface underneath. But if you would go to the far ends of the beach where the water is more calm, you could see the sand clearly from the water surface.

Calayo beach resort

There were white sands, according to the residents, on the other side of the beach which they call Calayong Munti. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reach that part because in order to reach that, you would need to swim or take a boat because the water half-way is deep. We can’t swim, can’t afford a boat (haha) and there weren’t anything you could cling upon on the wall of rocks bridging the two area so we just contented ourselves taking photos of what could have been white sands from a far.

There were reported sighting of Butanding or whale sharks in the coasts of Calayo but the last reported sighting was way back in March 2009. According to the residents, the whale sharks probably started leaving the place when people starts knowing about the beach.

How to go to Calayo Beach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas

Unfortunately, you can’t reach the place if you’re just commuting because the buses plying along Aguinaldo highway to Nasugbu stop somewhere between Jollibee Nasugbu and the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church and front that point, you would still need an hour drive from that place to Brgy. Calayo. You could follow the stiff and zig-zag roads leading to Terraza de Punta Fuego (from there you’ll still need about 20 or 30 minutes drive) and Hamilo Coast (but you won’t need to go that far).

blue house mango trees

I really hope that this house and mango trees will remain there forever because this is the clearest landmark at the left side of the road that I could show you to easily locate the place. You will need to go this way to reach the Calayo shores. However, but I’m not sure, the place must be called “Unang Distrito” because of the sign boards along the way.

That’s all folks! Enjoy the video and the gallery from Calayo Beach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas.

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51 Responses to Virgin shores at Calayo Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas

  1. Prosti says:

    Aw. It’s a shame you didn’t experience Calayong Munti. Well there is always next time.

    I been there during the Butanding sighting but I didn’t saw one for myself. Tch. Maybe next year I’ll be able to see one.

    I’m sorry didn’t show you the place myself. been busy that day.

    Thanks! See you again here.

    • lourdeslucero says:

      iam actually a fan of calayo and been there hundred times…so peaceful,quiet etc… its like you get to commune with life…all our team building from csg convergys were done there…..great and thanks to the oriondo family

  2. Noel says:

    You mean there’s another place where you could easily reach Calayong Munti by foot?

  3. Prosti says:

    Yep you can cross it by foot. But I saw on the photos the tide is high. But during low tide you can actually cross through that to munting calayo by walking and wading. We always go there by foot. Just bring ziplocks for your things and wear a trusty flip flops because there are sharp shells there.

  4. ann says:

    hi sir just wanna ask hot to reach the place, if u where from nasugbu balyan crossing? and do they have contact numbers?

  5. ann says:

    im looking for cheap beach resort, hope u can help me.
    our group is like 16 pax, we are planning to bring tent to where the guys can sleep. i really hope u can help me.. thanks!!

    • Noel says:

      ann, i’ll check with my wife if she still have the cottage caretaker’s number. the best way to reach the place is to follow the signs going to hamilo. it’s all over batangas so you’ll see them for sure. then you’ll reach a place called unang distrito. from there you can ask for directions.

      check the instructions and photo above.

  6. ann says:

    thanks for the reply, ive seen your blog where u visit a beach resort called Triple G.
    how do i get there, from tagaytay circle?
    and can we bring food? do they allow tents?

  7. lourds says:

    I am interested to bringing my family at Calayo’s beach resort because of its very nice scene and ambiance…this is my first time there…I would like to ask the following question…
    1. me entrance fee po ba? how much per head?
    2. me ibang resort po bang katabi ito kung sakaling puno na ang cottages nila…meron kaming option to stay?
    3. Swallow water po ba ang sea? safe for the kids?
    4. Me kuryente po ba if ever mag overnight kami…we plan po kasi na overnight stay kami.
    5. Ung open cottages kasya po ba ang 10pax dun?
    6. Pede po ba magtent so we could have a place to sleep if ever?
    7. Can I have the number of the caretaker please?

    Thank you so much and your blog helps a lot. God bless!

    • Noel says:

      lourds, the place is not yet developed kaya walang entrance. nung pumunta kami dun wala kaming reservations. less than 10 kami pero yung nipa hut is good for 10 pax, siksikan nga lang ng konti. you could setup your tent sa sand without any problem. nung pumunta kami high tide so better check kung low tide on that day.

      di ko na mahanap yung number ng caretaker pero you could contact prosti from his comment above.

      and yes, may kuryente dun 🙂

  8. lourds says:

    Nga po pala, we plan to be there on May 1 for an overnight stay? Can we go there without reservation? I will have my two kids with me and I am sure they will love the beach. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks a lot again.

  9. lourds says:

    Thank you for your reply, your blog is such a great help…two more things po…swallow water po ba ito like Triple G? Me katabi po bang resort ito in case na puno na sa Calayo beach resort? Thanks again for your help.

    • Noel says:

      depende kase kung high tide or low tide. nung nagpunta kami, high tide kaya di sya shallow water pero yung ibang nakapunta low tide daw. walang katabi yung resort kase nga di pa talaga sya developed. swertihan lang. pero siguro may mga iba pang cottages ngayon na pwedeng ma-rent. di naman matao dun unless marami nang naka-discover sa place.

  10. lourds says:

    Thank you again for your reply, I really appreciate it very much. Ano nga po pala ang name ng resort? Madali lang po ba itong makita? Sorry kung medyo makulit ako…kasi first time lang po namin sa Batangas…mahirap po kasing maghanap ng lugar especially if you have kids with you diba. Hope you could give me the exact location and the way to Calayo beach. Thanks.

  11. lourds says:

    Nga po pala ung parking malayo ba sa beach or sa mga cottages?

  12. lourds says:

    Thanks again, ano po ang name ng beach?

    • Noel says:

      You may just look for Calayong Munti. The beach is not yet developed so no name was given to the place aside from where it is located.

      Read the post, most of the information you asked are there already.

  13. lourds says:

    Thank you so much for your reply…pasensya na sa makulit kong mga tanong…God bless!

  14. mars says:

    Hi, can I request for Calayo’s beach resort contact number? I saw the pictures and I would like to bring my family there..thank you =)

  15. drex sencil says:

    hi,nakita ko po ung picture nyo sa youtube gusto ko ang place,paano po ba mag pa reserve jan sa resort.paano po ba pumunta jan?guso ko po malaman ang tamang address ng resort. Thank’s po !! antay ko po ang reply nyo.

  16. alex cruzado says:

    I’ll never forget this place, I used to stay here in my earlier days,I’ve been into awesome friends like Talyo, Mandy, kuya Hapon, Aging, ate Duda, ang magasawang Amihan at Domeng, at syempre si Lilay who leave here before. I really miss this place and I’m looking forward to spend sometime here in April

  17. joy mula says:

    we are planning our company outing this coming april 9 to 10 can u send me quotation for 30 persons including rate of rooms and food..pls reply asap to may email… thank you

  18. lulu says:

    Hi my ATM ba malapit sa jollibee ???

  19. Apple says:

    Hi, i’ve been to calayo last week and we got a chance to take pictures to the artist of GMA – Sisid, Marco alacaraz, JC Tiuseco, Ricky Davao and Bembol Rocco. they were so nice and maybe they shoot there because of the nice beach view of calayo. we also go to the island of loren legarda, but her house was under renovation so no one of the tourists can see it, the caretakers also added that the 2 butandings were always there near the island every morning. The residents there said that on the other side of the beach, the Mutya – ABS CBN was having their shooting. so this place is so awesome!

    • Noel says:

      can you share some photos to us? please send it to so we can post it here too. I’m sending you email but it just returned to me.

    • Bunny Saflor says:

      yeah you’re right before it was open to anyone who would like to have a picnic and the place is really relaxing but when Leviste took over the place you can’t just go there just as you wish!

  20. Apple says:

    Hi,. please see my personal email addres, i’ll send you the pictures asap. thanks!

  21. xzannia says:

    hi ask ko lng if how much ung rooms for 30pax and kung my entrance ba to? kindly answer my question tnx godbless

  22. Noel says:

    kindly read the post and the comments, if you have other questions not yet answered above, ask.

  23. liza cosipag says:

    wer planning to have team bldg this coming week just want to ask me house ba dun na pwede e rent? 40 kc kami. wth gasul videoke na.

  24. Bunny Saflor says:

    if u are all interested just contact Calayo Beach resort. there numbers are 0920-3252475 and 0908- 8856810. I have been there twice a year since the 1980’s it was an amazing place to go specially if u want to experience nature. most of the people are friendly and accomodating.

  25. PONG says:

    ok lang ba pumunta diyan kahit hindi summer? plano kasi namin mag-beach sa august…

  26. Sachiye says:

    Hi….naghahanap kasi ako ng beach resort in Nasugbu Batangas and I saw your blog… mention kasi na hindi pwedeng puntahan itong resort na ito if mag commute lang. Wala bang ibang way para makarating dito (tricycle, jeep???)if ever mag commute lang kami….hassle kasi mag drive….nakakapagod!!! I think this place would fit to my planned vacation with my kids….nature lover kasi ako so I’m looking forward to be in this place. Please sagot ka ha!!! Thanks in advance!!!

  27. alene says:

    magkano entrance fee and yung hut nila na 500 php pang ilang tao po sya?

  28. victor salanio says:

    hello,maganda yung place at we wud like 2 go der,is it ok kung we wil spend 2 days and 1 night dun sa place,at wud they charge us extra?magkano kaya yun?,waiting for your reply….,thanx………….

  29. victor salanio says:

    magkano po ba ang entrance fee?per head ?or per group?

  30. kim says:

    pwede po mag-trike papunta dyan..=)

  31. geneva says:

    ganda tlaga smen..

    punta kau !!

    try nio din lumibot s ibang isla mlpit dyan ..
    o ung tntwag nming pulo at berlunggo …

  32. jackie says:

    pde mg- comute..
    tricycle pde..

    ala din po ung entrance !!

    mgu2stuhan nio dun ..

  33. pascel den nadal says:

    how much po for 20pax on april 30 night to may 1? thanks.

  34. siana says:

    hey. how much was the cottage for 20people? thank you.. 🙂 and can i have their contact numbers.. thank you! The one you posted lately was not their contact number.. it’s a contact number from other resort near virgin shore.. 🙂

  35. belle says:

    hi how much is entrance and whats ur contact number

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