Facebook Webcam

Noel Cabacungan

My being handsome is not a curse, it's a gift from the gods to humanity. For more photos, follow me on Instagram @noelcabacungan.

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6 Responses

  1. brett says:

    Hey there, i tried to activate but as yet nothing has happened so i think it is bogus.

    • Kotsengkuba says:

      Hello brett, thanks for your feedback. I also did not accept the group invitation because I had a hunch that this is just another of those Facebook scams.

  2. Dan Teter says:

    I started the process, but, as I suspected, before you can get to the application, you have to do a five min. survey. As I was looking at the survey, I was bombarded with four or five pop-up windows that my virus checkers warned were dangerous sites. I immediately back out of the site and run my virus checkers. Found nothing but….had I gone further… who knows.

  3. I couldn’t the website they tell you to go to to activate the application, so I am assuming it’s BS at this point. So dumb, I don’t get it, whats the point of creating these bogus pages.

  4. Caroline Morgan says:

    My daughter joined it and sent me an invitation. I was suspicious about the way it was written and checked out the email address it gave, which did not work. I do not think it is genuine.

  5. dennis morga says:

    Yap! i tried doing the steps but it is not working!supposedly glad to that offer coz it is easier for me to connect with friends!but if it is scam!it’s not a joke Fb personnel please solve this prob!am a genuine person!thanks!

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