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Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit

Whenever I’ll be in Manila, I always needed to go to internet cafés each day just so I could check my email. If you would ask, I had been offering blog and web design services so I need to go online as much as possible to communicate with my clients and to check whether a new service inquiry have landed on my mailbox. This is because we only have our own internet connection in my in-laws’ house in Tagaytay and if I would have to apply for one in my parents’ house in Manila, I would be required to present several proofs of billing, proofs of income and many other proofs that the internet service providers may require. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of that since I just came back from China and, at this moment, I’m still unemployed and my small business has just been registered so I couldn’t provide all those documents that they would be asking.

I really needed to have my notebook connected directly to the internet because, aside from the hassles of having to use dilapidated (yeah, that worse) keyboards, malfunctioning mouse and headsets, checking my private accounts (mails, bank accounts, etc.) from public internet cafés, I’m only exposing myself to various threats which range from hacking, virus infection and the likes.

When I saw this advertisement (see embedded video below) for Globe Broadband Tattoo prepaid internet kit, I immediately called Globe’s customer service hotline to ask for further details.

Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid KitThe customer service agent could not inform me the total charges I would be required to pay should I decided to buy this prepaid kit because, according to him, their system is currently being updated and it would take more time before he could check those details. So I just asked him if I would be required to submit pertinent documents should I want to purchase their kits. When the agent confirmed all my questions, the afternoon of the same day I was looking for a Globe outlet inside Robinson’s Ermita. Though I’ve seen an outlet I’ve never got to even take a step inside their store premises when I received an SMS message from my wife. And that would be another story.

Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit, according to the television ad, costs Php1,895.00 and internet connection costs Php5.00/15 minutes. Below is the table showing the mobile internet connection speed depending on the type of signal your kit could catch:

Globe Broadband Tattoo connection speed

Mobile Internet Connection Speed Table source: Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit

Should you decided to acquire a prepaid kit, inform the sales agent to give you HSDPA type so you could avail of the maximum 2mbps speed connection. The customer service agent whom I spoke with earlier informed me this and now I’m thinking whether the other kits are of the 3G or Edge type or lower.

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9 Responses to Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit

  1. I do think that there is only one globe broadband tatoo prepaid kit available. There is no HSDPA type. It all depends on the signal you could catch which also depends on your location.

    I do think that one way to gauge the signal is if you’re using a 3G mobile phone. If there is a 3G signal when you used the dual network settings of your phone, then there might be a strong signal in your location.

    MIllionaire Acts’s last blog post..Power of Positive Thinking

  2. jepoy says:

    uy kk, USTe ka pala.. hehehe.. 😛

    Yung concern mo sa Globe, lahat ng USB issued kits nila ngayon HSDPA ready na. Depende nalang yan sa area mo kung may HSDPA signal.

    If HSDPA/3G area mo, punta ka lang sa settings then network, then lock mo sa ‘WCDMA only’ para hindi magdrop sa EDGE or GSM yung connection 😀

    jepoy’s last blog post..PLDT’s Customer Service is USELESS

    • Kotsengkuba says:

      oo nga daw, ganun pala ‘yon. hahaha. anyway, iba ‘yung binili ko and so far ayos nama ang signal.

      uste ka rin ba? kung past member ka ng scholars associations dun contact mo ko, hahaha. may project kase pineprepare 😉

  3. […] With my normal Globe SIM card, my credit load would always expire after 15 days so each half of the month, my credit with be lost in oblivion so my wife would have to load another Php100.00 to my number just so the roaming services would remain active. Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit […]

  4. Maldito says:

    globe broadband gamit ko…and i think meron na siyang HSDPA sa pagbili mo…pero kahapon ko lang kasi nabili eh…and ngayun ko lang nakita ang sun broadband mo..kaya parang gusto kong magawala..ha ha ha

    • Kotsengkuba says:

      wag ka mag-alala maldito, hindi pa talaga uso ang sun broadband sa barrio. kung nakabili ka nito e mas lalo kang magwawala dahil pang-NCR lang ang signal dito.

      pag uso narin ang signal sa mga prubinsiya e sasabihan kita. para mabenta mo sa ukay-ukay yang globe mo. hahaha.

  5. jaylord says:

    grabe ang bagal ng globe d2 sa baggao kc pang dial up lang naman plis pki inprove naman cgnal ng globe d2

  6. alli says:

    f cnu me alam .. panu kc ung 1day unlimited ung p50. tNx! asap=)

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