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How to Make Origamis

Origami has been popular nowadays that if you would visit your local bookstores, you will be able to see a lot of books showing detailed instructions on how to make origamis. Here in the country, there is always an origami book available in the books on sale sections of the National Bookstore.

For those curious, these dragons are among the many original designs by satoshi kamiya. Be forewarned though, each model can take up to 15 hours to finish.

How to make origamis

If you would just be patient enough, searching the internet will give you tons of information on how to make origamis. Just on this blog, for instance, you could find instruction on making cranes or hummingbirds out of a small piece of square paper. Below is a video I got from youtube with instructions on how to make origamis butterfly. Watch the video and follow the procedures carefully.

I love making origami models and I have probably made more than a thousand origami cranes in the past. I learned how to make origamis from books and from searching the internet. Here’s another blog or website I am currently putting different instructions on how to make origamis. I haven’t uploaded a lot of contents yet but I’m doing it slowly so to make sure that I won’t forget major details and also to avoid putting a lot of useless junks in it. Visit the site if you have time. You may also use the comment section below to request or suggest models and instructions on how to make origamis.

Here’s a few more origami models, click links for corresponding instructions: mini stars » car » star wars x-wing starfighter.

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