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Hummingbird Origami folding instruction

hummingbird origami

Just to end the lengthened discussions about the Mendoza’s manila hostage incident, Venus Raj and her MAJOR MAJOR answer to the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, my conscience told me to compose and publish here any random entry. Immediately! So here goes nothing…

Just the other day, a bride to be seek my help in folding a thousand hummingbird origami she intended to hang somewhere on her wedding day. She didn’t (hasn’t yet) given me any origami instructions so I checked the internet step-by-step origami hummingbird instructions to give me an idea. What the search engines gave were altogether shocking – 34 basic folding steps. HAHAHA!

I found at least three different hummingbird origami versions but of course, I had to pick the ones that resemble (as closely) a real hummingbird (like the one in the photo above, source: OrigamiHow). I tried following the three variations and believe me, they’re not that easy (read: COMPLEX, DIFFICULT, HARD). In the past, I have folded different origami crane versions, giraffes, tiger, rabbit and many more animal origami but I’ve never encountered one as complex as this. I can’t even follow up to the fifth step. HAHAHA!

I found this hummingbird origami vidio instructions on Youtube but the poor video quality just made the whole thing more confusing.

Check the links below for hummingbird origami instructions from the easiest to the more complex ones; from the simplest to the more elaborate.

But just to let you know Miss Bride-to-Be, I’m not giving up to your challenge. Just teach me how to do it step-by-step. ;-)

How to Make Origamis

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