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Laiya Beach Resorts in San Juan, Batangas

We were supposed to book a room or cottage at the Sigayan Bay Beach Resort but for very strange reasons, the contact persons at that resort refused to answer our calls and text messages (perhaps their inner psychics sensed we’re serials killers and they won’t allow us within their shores) so we just booked one of the biggest rooms at Triple G Beach resort.

Riding a regular passenger jeep we contracted nearby, we left our meeting place in Tagaytay at 10:30 in the morning of March 28. Two hours and a half later, everyone (especially the more excited ones who didn’t had breakfast before leaving) was so hungry so we decided to stop at the random space along the road for lunch. That random space happened to be under a cotton tree held captive by political posters of, what else, politicians.

Lunch under the cotton tree

After lunch, we were back on the road (like we really left the road) to find the beach resort. One more hour, a rough road, and some fifteen annoyed and impatient souls later, we passed by a public cemetery and reach what seemed to be a dead end. Someone had to convince himself/herself that we were lost and badly needed to ask for directions. Thankfully, an almost willing volunteer told us we’re more that one kilometer past our destination so we had to go back and eat more dirt bu finally we found what we were looking for.

Laiya Beach Resorts

Thanks to the resorts miniature sign board, we already saw that cluster of signboards but still had to eat dirt because Triple G’s was just too small to be noticed. So here’s a note – if you’ll come here in the near future, look for the Sitio Magalang sign. That will lead you to a cluster of beach resorts in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

The entry road to Triple G beach resort is very very narrow. You’ll have to maneuver your jeep carefully and don’t let your ears outside the windows if you don’t want them amputated.

Triple G beach resort entrance

That narrow road will lead to the Triple G beach resorts entrance (the photo was taken from the exit side)

Triple G beach resort

Which will lead you to the rooms here…

Triple G beach resort

Which will lead you to the rooms here…

Triple G beach resort

and here…

Triple G beach resort

to here…

Laiya Beach Resorts

and finally, to here.

Laiya Beach Resorts

There already were too many people to think that we’ve only been here a week before holy week. Imagine how much more people would be here during the holy week.

I believe the whole stretch of the beach is called the Sigayan Bay. According to the Triple G Beach Resort‘s website:

TRIPLE G. is at the 7 kilometers long sandy beach of Laiya in the Sigayan Bay, close to the Verde Island passage. You can recover, sunbathes, swims and snorkels at the easily falling beach wonderfully. At our beach, we have a volleyball-court for our sporty guests and in the picnic area, you can test your voice with Karaoke. It is possibly to organize boat-trips to the neighboring islands and some day trips for our visitors.

The colored flags along the shore, somehow, mark each beach resort’s territories. Although, no one’s being prevented to go beyond their corresponding beach resort’s shorelines. In fact, I visited all of them to take pictures.

These photos are from the Laiya White Cove beach resort:

Laiya White Cove beach resort

Laiya White Cove beach resort

Laiya White Cove beach resort

Laiya White Cove beach resort

Laiya White Cove beach resort

Based from the view from the shores, I will say that Laiya White Cove beach resort has the best facilities among the beach resorts in that stretch of white sands. If you want to book a room at their resort, you may contact their staff through the following:

Manila Office: Tel. No. (02) 925-2562, (02) 926-9348, (02) 994-7392, (02) 871-1235 TelFax: (02) 425-0161 Mobile: 09212707660, 09235966733, 09052854047.

Or email them at

These photos are from the Kabayan Beach Resort (formerly Laplaya Beach Resort):

Kabayan beach resort

Kabayan beach resort

According to our Googling, there’s a swimming pool and an aviary inside the resort. I didn’t see any pool because I wasn’t able to infiltrate (spy?) their inner facilities but the aviary was visible from the Triple G beach resort.

Kabayan beach resort aviary

Kabayan beach resort aviary

If you want to check if there really is a swimming pool or wanted to see the birds in the aviary, you may reach Kabayan Beach Resort management through phone at (02) 709-1470, (02) 709-0115, (0917) 6279357, (0917) 8963312 or email them at

Okay, back to where we stayed, Triple G beach resort may not have the best beach resort facilities as compared to that of White Cove and Kabayan beach resorts but they offer the lowest rates (as compared to the other two, I wasn’t able to check the others). If you prioritize beach amenities, book your rooms at either White Cove or Kabayan but if you only want a decent place to stay, dine and keep your things secured while you bask in the sun or swim in the sea, book your rooms at Triple G beach resort.

Now tell me, why would you go to the beach? Is it A: to stay inside the best rooms in the universe; B: swim in a swimming pool; or C: swim in seawater and build sand castles? If you’re a moron, you would choose A or B but as for my daughter Tifa and I, the answer can only be the letter C: swim in the sea, build or destroy other beach-goers’ sand castles and sun-burn our skin in perfection. In fact, as soon as we put of things in our rented room, we changed immediately into our beach attires and started exploiting whatever the sea and the shore has to offer. These are what Tifa and I did in the water until sun down of day 1:

Laiya Beach Resort Day 1

If in the land Tifa and I would play horse-horse, in the water we play seahorse-seahorse.

Laiya Beach Resort Day 1

And as soon as Tifa woke up on day 2, she demanded that we go to the beach immediately. So off we went to swim and play in the sands.

Laiya Beach Resort Day 2

Laiya Beach Resort Day 2

What I really liked about Laiya beach is the big potion of shallow water. Or whatever it should be called. Ten or twenty meters from the shore, Tifa can stay in the water without having to take her feet off the sands. You know what I mean? If you can’t figure out what I’m trying to say, try checking the photo below.

Ten to twenty meters from the shore, the water is barely three-feet high. It means there are more fine sand under the water and the kids could still play without having to each sands that goes with every wave. Compared to the beach in Calayo, Batangas, the shallow water is only a few meters away from the shore and even in deeper portion, you could still feel the sands floating with the waves. Also, in Calayo, the water level would suddenly become deep so there’s a big risk of the kids getting drowned even with proper adult supervision.

Laiya Beach Resort

If you want to book a room at TRIPLE G Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, you may reach their staff at 09159001570 and 639214667134 or email them at

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96 Responses to Laiya Beach Resorts in San Juan, Batangas

  1. Jean says:

    went to Laiya, White Cove this holy week and I was really disappointed. The place is nice but the crew is not so friendly. When we arrived, reception people were ok but they did not even offered to assist us, lead us to where we can wait till our room can be accommodated. Then, our dinner was served around 9pm already! Ang tagal ng set-up! It was by the beach and lighting was very poor, so you have to guess what kind of food is served. Our meal package is good for 3. We were served 3 viands (mixed veggies, 3 small pcs tilapia w/c i don’t even know what kind of sauce it has, 2cups rice, 2pcs small sliced watermelon & 2pcs small sized pineapple, 1 round softdrinks-coke/sprite). It was not good. Had I not requested the waiter for addtional food, that was our dinner “P316/head”. 2 liters of softdrinks was shared by around 20 people! The next day, my sis-in-law had breakfast first and she just got a small portion of food, when she returned at the breakfast buffet to get a second round, the crew told her that the buffet is only good for one round! Me and my hubby got our breakfast around 9am and there was no one there to serve/assist us. There were hardly no food left (tuna, egg, esp tocino-portioned into 3). Buffet lunch is by portion too! 1pc of each viand, though this time had 4 choices. Our ordered shakes/drinks took so long everytime as well as our ordered additional lunch. When we followed up, the crew we asked would not take responsibility in delivering our meals in our table (it was already labeled by my name and he said “di ko po alam yan!”. They knew they had a lot of guests, they should have added more crew to serve their guests! Or their few staffs could have been more friendly and accommodating. I felt they were very discriminating…sorry for the term but “yung feeling na ginugulangan mo sila” sa food…that they promote as “buffet” (1 time serving only and by portion!). We were suppose to have a relaxing weekend but instead got pissed with the kind of service we experienced at Laiya White Cove. I really want to pose this comment to warn guests who would go there… :(

    • Noel says:

      Jean, I feel sorry for what happened to your group. Kung samin nangyari yun, baka nagkagulo na sa buffet table. Kaya nga we prefer to bring our own food and we cook almost everything in the place. Mga karne, gulay and seasonings ang dala namin (except for the chicken adobo I cooked before we left which we ate along the way). The room we rented at Triple G Beach resort had gas stove. I’m just not sure for the smaller rooms but every room has a designated grill so you’ll just have to bring your coal and something to grill.

      We usually do that when we go to beaches. Mas tipid, mas masarap at iwas pa sa hassle ng crew.

      Thanks for sharing your experience 😉

      • joan says:

        hi,,,, ang ganda ng post mo….. pwede ba malaman kung how much binayad nyo… hehe …thnx

        • Noel says:

          Joan, we paid 8,000 pesos at Triple-G for the biggest room (12 to 14 pax?) for one night accomodation. Check-in time: 2PM, check-out: 2PM the next day.

      • grard says:

        may charge ba pag nag dala ng sariling food to cook sa triple g? or is it free?

        • Noel says:

          walang charge and gas stove at pagluluto dun. kaso yung smallest rooms ata walang ganun. yung samin kase meron kasama na sya talaga sa room accomodation. better contact triple g narin para masigurong may kalan sa room nyo. pero kung meron naman, free to use yon.

  2. Lovel says:

    Hello! we are planning to go to Laiya on the 15th and my friend was nagging me about booking at Triple G. Being maarte, I told him it looked too beaten up for my taste (the photos from their website isn’t very appealing). But thank God I saw your blog entry, saw your pictures of the different resorts, and read that comment about White Cove, I now change my mind. We’re definitely booking at Triple G. We’re there for the beach anyway.

    Did you book overnight? For how much? Their website says it’s 1,800/night (2 pax) pero parang it’s too cheap? Thanks so much! :)

    • Noel says:

      Yes Lovel, mura lang ang rooms nila. Yung sa amin kase 8,000/night – four beds which is good for 3 persons pero dahil wala kaming budget, nagkasya ang apat na tao sa isang bed. hahaha. I think 1,800/night nga lang yung smallest room. Pangit talaga ang website nila pero maganda ang beach. Di ko lang napicturan yung room nung pagdating namin kase nagswimming na agad kami ng baby ko. Pagbalik namin, puro gamit na.

      Di ko sure kung may service sila to cook your food or something pero karamihan ng mga nag-stay dun, duon narin nagluluto. May kalan kase tsaka grill. Di ko lang sure kung may ganun din sa smaller rooms.

      Basta when you go there, look for Sitio Magalan. Maliit na daan lang yung papunta sa entry points ng bawat resort. Enjoy 😉

    • nikki cordial says:

      good day!
      mag iinquire lng po,ask lng po kung magknu entrance and cottage fee nyo?my sarili n po kmi food at ndi po kmi magrerent ng room.cottage lng po at sunday na po sana kmi punta jan.

  3. lyn says:

    hi, sir… i just wanna ask… kasi we have a reservation sa KABAYAN beach middle of this month. Ok ba ung place? i mean po, maganda ba? malinis? how big kaya po ung place? mukhang secure po nman [i have 4 kids with me]? kasi i just based my decision of booking there sa pictures nila sa web nila. sir, i hope to hear some reply from u or ur wife… tnx

    • Noel says:

      As far as the beach is concerned, maganda talaga. White sands, shallow are are at least 10 meters from the shore kaya highly recommended for kids. My daughter is just 3-years old and she was able to enjoy so much. Di ko lang masasabi kung maganda sa Kabayan (as for the rooms and services) kase sa Triple G beach resort kami nag-stay.

  4. lyn says:

    tnx so much for ur response, sir… buti na lang you share ur experiences here… hopefully on ur next outing to other resort eh i-feature nyo din para may makuhanan nman kami ng tips… tnx again. GOD BLESS.

  5. Noel says:

    Lovel and Lyn, thanks and you’re welcome 😉

  6. Medz says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and posting contact information for the Resorts in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. They have formed the Association of Laiya Resort Owners to help keep the place safe, reasonably clean, protect the environment and the visitors, and provide adequate services to the tourists.
    We appreciate all the efforts to help boost tourism into our province and help the local economy grow.
    Medz, Executive Director of the Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  7. karen says:

    hello…share ko experience ko sa laiya….just got home after 3days 2 nyts stay at laiya…grabe harang talaga!!wala kameng reservation kaya pagdating namen dun no choice na kumuha kame ng place to stay lalo na at mga bata kasama namen sa village plaza!sinisingil kame nung girl ng 3k for small room na wala pang aircon then sabi lilipat kame sa gabi sa aircon room so additional 5k daw so overall 8k for 1day charge nya samen.umayaw ako…malaman laman ko wala naman pala nagrerent dun sa 2 rooms ng village plaza…sumisimple lang na kunin namen yung offer napagkasunduan na dun na kame sa aircon room for 5k plus elect fan dahil mahina ang aircon, 200 + extra matress ng nung nagpaihaw kame sa 4pcs na pusit…kala namen 50 lang charge based from tindera ng isda…gosh 225 daw…sa pagod nila sa pagpapaypay ng inihaw na kakapirangot!!!another thing dun sa mga bagong dating 7k na price ng overnyt stay with no amenities at na walang choice ka eh, moral lesson lang pag pupunta ng laiya..make early reservations….at least a month before.
    so the following day 6am pumunta ako sa triple G, nakausap ko si neri…yung pretty girl na matangad…inalowed nya kame na kunin na yung place for the price of 6k, bale 9 kame..4 adults and 5 kids…dapat 2pm pa ang start namen pero ok lang daw kahit 8am pa lang eh lumipat na kame..
    so nag-alsa balutan kame from village plaza papuntang triple g…hinarang kame nung girl na mataba na medyo maputi na laging me yosi…di kase ako interested sa name nya..lilipat daw ba kame eh tamang tama daw kase yung taga kabayan nga daw eh lilipat sa village plaza?????whaaata…nasa matinong place ka na na resort magtitiyaga kang pang maglakad ng malayo…tsk tsk

    so far friendly mga staff ng triple g…accomodating sila…although tama ka..di nga ganun kaganda place nila..sobrang liit pa ng cr at di ka makakaupo sa bowl ng deretcho….luma na din rooms nila at ang pinaka hassle lang talaga yung tubig…yung katabing cottage namen kanina sumigaw ng tubig at di pa ata tapos magbanlaw nawala na…
    meron din wifi yung place….pero pagdating ng gabi wala na dahil daw depende daw sa usage ng kuryente…
    ok din naman yung crowd dun karamihan company outings…pag on budget kayo hanapin nyo lang si nerrisa ng Triple G…..
    enjoy nyo na lang yung dagat…..5am super low tide!!!!
    joke nga nung isang pagirl dun……nakarating na daw siya ng mindoro sa sobrang babaw ng tubig…
    happy naman ang vacation namen..kahit hassle at holdup inabot namen sa village plaza!!!!

    • Noel says:

      ganun nga dapat, book reservations earlier. kami 3 months ahead nagpabook na kami sa triple G. mahirap talaga pag walang reservations, either matulog ka sa kalye o magbayad ka ng price na 3 times higher o higit pa.

      mababait ang staff ng Triple G except dun sa mag-asawang may-ari na parang hindi namamansin. balak ko pa naman sana i-interview at alukin ng mas magandang website design. hahaha

      • gemma gusi says:

        hello po,sensya na po kayo,pero ang totoo ho di lang tayo nagkaroon ng chance maka pag kwentuhan that time kc ,nagka roon po ako ng operation,last Feb 15,po malignant cancer, pero di ko po sinadyang di kayo mapansin,sensya na talaga,di po ganon ang interest ko,sensya na talaga

        • Noel says:

          wala po ‘yon. ang dami din naman guests that day. pero mababait naman po ang staff, they even helped me find a grill and cardboard papers para makapag-pabaga :) pasensya na din po dahil ang tagal namin i-bakante ang room kaya matagal naghintay ang mga taga-linis. hahaha

    • rosalie says:

      oh my god ung guess namin hay sobrang kuripot hinoldap ba kamo….hahhaha my god panu holdapen walang nga pera and for your info…puro discount binigay namin and that time gusto nyo lumipat.:-)..and im sorry kau lng sa lahat ng guess namin ng reklamo that time kc nga aarte nyo wala naman din,,,tsk tsk

    • rosalie says:

      dun po sa ng outing last year,,,sorry sa di nyo ngustuhan….but mali din kau dahil ng comment kau mali pa…hello hinuldap kamo kau ng village plaza e,,panay nga discount nyo….bingyan namin kau ng 10%discount dahil sv nyo 3nyts kau but…the following day nghanap kau….hindi tama matapos mbigyan discount ganun…..saka kau lang ata ang ngreklamo….dapat sa office namin…..hindi ung gumagawa kau ng kwento…

  8. Jhen says:

    Hi!!! How many times na ako nakapunta sa laiya, una pinuntahan ko sa palm beach. maganda un resort pati rooms and food nila kaya lng super layo. Sa Bo. Hugom Laiya sa pinakadulo at nkktakot ang daan. pero sulit nman at higit sa lahat , hindi mahal di mura ok lng kc 4 times ka nila ppkainin, kaya gud for the big family outing….pede din pla magdala ng sarili pagkain …try nyu ng family mo dun….

    2nd. sa Sabangan Beach resort, hmm ok lng maganda din pero maliit lng un resort nila at medyo mahal..

    3rd. sa la luz maganda talaga but expensive, pero ok lng …

    this month naka-book kami sa Triple G, no choice kc sa lahat ng tinawagan ko puro fully book at asar na asar ako sa sigayan bay beach resort napudpud ang finger ko kkdayal wlang sumasagot!!! tapos try ko triple g at last!!!! may sumagot at meron pa available room para samen. family outing eh sa dami ng family ko kailangan nmen malaki room and take note, kailangan 2 rooms he he he…ayun buti na lng may nakuha pa ako rooms sa triple G . sana mag enjoy ang family ko sa triple G kahit na last choice namen dun…..

    • Noel says:

      mga sira ulo nga ‘yang mga taga-sigayan bay beach. tawag din kami ng tawag pero walang sumasagot. tapos nung nagtext kami, wala nagrereply. pag tawag ulit namin nakapatay na ang phone. kundi nga naman mga sira ulo ang staff dun e ewan ko na. mano man lang sabihin kung fully booked na o ano.

      • karen says:

        hi, ganyan din experience ko sa sigayan beach na yan…minsan akong nasagot hello lang narinig ko tapos parang ibinagsak yung phone…next call ko ring na lang..parang inihahang ata nila…grabe sobrang bastos…bakit kaya sila ganun…nag text naman ako wala din reply…
        at korek din po dun sa mag asawa, na experience namen na talagang sinita niya yung nag iinuman na nagvivideoke pa ata, pinagalitan talaga at nakakaistorbo daw…in fairness naman talaga madaling araw na nun…
        mabait lang dun staff at yung anak na dalaga nila….

  9. glentot says:

    Gusto ko magpunta sa Triple G, kumuha nung pinaka-cheap na room for 2, for 3 days two nights. Kaso may CR kaya yun? Baka kasi wala… Alam mo ba? Ayaw sagutin pag tumatawag ako sa phone nila eh. Thanks!

    • Noel says:

      sa triple G may cr bawat rooms. ang alam kong sira ulo na ayaw sumagot e yung sa sigayan beach resort. napudpod na keypad ng phone namin kakatawag at kakatext dedma lang ang mga lekat. hahaha. pero sa triple g, ayos dun. sama mo pa ko. hehehe

  10. glentot says:

    haha maraming salamat!!!!!!!!!! tinatawagan ko eh hindi sumagot hehe baka busy lang. sabi nya yung cheapest daw nila na 3 days 2 nights eh 2K lang so naisip ko baka picnic table naman un hahaha thanks!

  11. Chelle says:

    Nung nagpabook po ba kau nagrequire ng downpayment? Sabi kase saken sa email, punta na lang daw kami dun ng araw na un tas nakareserve na daw samen ung room. Bka kase pagpunta namen puno na pla kase walang deposit. Kinuha lng ung name ko.

    • Noel says:

      kami nag-downpayment kase sobrang peak season yun – holyweek. pero nalate naman kami ng pagsend ng payment dahil di pa kumpleto contributions. nung nagsabi kami okay lang kahit ma-late. siguro since sinabi naman nilang okay lang walang down e okay nga lang dahil di naman na peak season.

  12. Mai says:

    Hello. Nagstart na kasi kami maghanap ng resort sa laiya.plan namin sa june7-9. Ang ganda ng mga post dito kasi makakapili ka talaga ng beach na pupuntahan mo..kaso ano ba mas best para makausap un mga taga triple g? email ba,call, o un sa website nilang inquiry box? thanks. nag try na kasi ako mag email sa kanila kaso wala naman silang reply. Nilagay ko kasi na we are on a budget kaya siguro di na nila ako nireplyan pa. hehehe

    • Noel says:

      mas maganda kung tatawag kayo. you should understand na marami silang customers kaya hindi sila nakakapag-respond sa lahat ng email inquiries so better just call them. ganun ginawa namin then later text text nalang. 😉

  13. Zap says:

    Hello.. just want to share my experience at Laiya Batangas..

    we haven’t tried yung ibang resort sa Laiya.. kase isa lng ang alam kong resort dun yung La Luz Beach Resort..

    accommodation: wala akong masabe.. pagbaba namen papunta sa resort nila eh inalok agad kame ng receptionist to have a drink para daw mapawe yung init sa byahe.. they serve us a Melon Juice at pwede kahet ilan pa ang inumin mo.. hehe

    Rooms: dahil 8 kame at gus2 namen na magkakasama kameng lahat para mas masaya kinuha namen yung Premier Loft nila which is good for 10 pax.. we only paid 4.3k sa room rates nila.. which is ok namn dahil hati hati kame.. Maganda ang rooms nila at malamig ang aircon.. yung room namen merung 3 way bathroom, meaning that the toilet is separate from the shower and sink na mas ok para di na occupied lahat kung mag shoshower ka lng.. 5 ang beds namen 3 sa taas na semi double at sa baba nmn yung 2 na ok sa mag papartners.. hehe

    Activities: susyal e2 .. merun silang massage service .. though hindi ko n sinubukan kase I hate n hinahawakan ang katawan ko ng ibang tao at saka subrang malakas ang kiliti ko.. XD .. u could rent volleyball , kayak , snorkeling gear.. per hour rate.. pwede ren mag rent ng boat at dun kayu mag snorkeling sa gitna ng dagat.. though hindi nga lng enjoy kung ganun lang kase sa katabing resort they got swimming pool tapos merun pang banana boat though hindi ka nmn restricted pumunta sa kabila.. we paid 1500 for the banana boat..

    Food: wew.. busog ka dito .. buffet meals.. masarap ang food nila they served us 4 courses .. though mautak lng tlga sila kase kahet unti lng kainin mu busog k n agad.. heavy meal tlga..

    enjoy tlaga dito.. yun nga lang make sure to reserve at least a month or 3 weeks before para makaasure ka na pagpunta mu di ka sa kalye or sa van matutulog.. and make sure na may budget ka kung dito ka tlga mag stay..

    • Noel says:

      Zap, thanks for sharing your experience. Gusto din namin i-try and La Luz kaso laging La Luz labas lang ang available e. hahaha 😉

    • weazer says:

      Hi Zap, yung kids ba same rate sa food? thanks.

    • Keso says:

      Marami po bang jelly fish or sea urchin ( yung nakakatusok pag natapakan mo…) sa laiya? gaano po ka-safe magbabad sa tubig ang mga kids? Nakapag-swimming na rin po ba kayo sa Lian, Batangas? Thanks.

      • Noel says:

        read the entire post, we spent almost the whole day in the sea and my daughter and I were not harmed.

        In Lian, there’s just too much starfish and one of my cousins probably got stung by a jellyfish.

  14. weazer says:

    Sir Kotsengkuba,

    ganda ng review mo ito..very recent and informative.
    balak ko din mag punta sa resort na ito..
    may katanungan lang po ako.

    Ok po ba ang parking dito? safe po ba? i mean baka mawala ang extrang gulong ng dyip namen 😀

    wala po ba problem magdala ng drinks/bote at foods?

    salamat ng marami.

    • Noel says:

      safe naman ang parking weaser, kase may compound naman sila and malapit lang sa mga rooms ang parking. jeep ang dala namin noon at di naman kami nawalan ng gulong o anuman :) may dala din kami ng drinks (pati alak) tapos may dala din kaming pagkain na dun narin namin niluto.

      • weazer says:

        maraming salamat sa info sir. makapunta nga at masubukan ang triple G. :) more power sa iyong unique na blog. name pa lang patok na 😉

  15. Chi says:

    wow! nice… i remember when we went to a beach in batangas… gaganda talaga ng beaches doon. :-)

  16. Robert says:

    Thanks for sharing information guys! would like to know the contact number of La Luz Beach Resort if you have any. Hope to hear soon!

  17. Mhiej says:

    hola, what if magpunta kami this season dun sa triple G, madami pa rin kyang tao, college student kasi ako tox may tour kami next week, after that deretcho sana kami ng laiya,. :DD tigas ulo namin, hahah, guxto namin lumangoi after a 3 days tour,. . !

    • Di na siguro. Kapag pumupunta kami ng beach during December to February di masyado matao dahil malamig ang panahon. Pero syempre di malamig sa beach dahil bilad sa araw at di talaga lamigin ang beach parts ng Batangas 😉

  18. Grace says:

    Alternate Accomodation =)

    Please contact us for cheap rates through:
    Contact Name: Grace Rivera
    Mobile No. 0915-745-9396
    Yahoo ID: greyzie_28
    Affordable rooms for small and large groups available!!

  19. Jill says:

    Hi po. magkano po kaya sa TRIPLE G if 15 persons po kami? :) thank you.

  20. theta says:

    hi,. great review.. nakatulong ng malaki for me as i’m organizing a group outing.. i called sigayan beach resort kanina. the first call, it was ok. the conversation was ok naman,. pero i forgot to ask the cellphone contact number. so i tried to call again. a girl answered and she was a total b*tch,. sorry for the term. i asked the number and she put me on hold for a while. i got a pen and a paper, and when she talked to me again, she said wrong number daw??? how pathetic..

  21. Eloisa says:

    Did you make a 50% DP thru bank?Your review is very helpful.

  22. katie says:

    maganda din sa acuatico super friendly ng mga crew and mganda un place, and ung food buffet tlga na sobrang sarap and madaming choices..

  23. Eloisa says:

    Hello,I would like to ask what are things we should bring in the resort specially we are going to cook our food? And base on your experience in the resort how would you rate it being 10 the highest?Thank you.

    • not really a 10 but it’s good enough for real beach goers. i mean if you’re there to splurge in the sun and not under the room shades. just bring necessary kitchen utensils, only the gas stove and coal grills are provided by the resort.

  24. biankerz says:

    Hi just wanna ask if 2k parin ang cheapest room nila for 2 if we’ll stay there for 3days 2nyts and how much yung price range ng buffet=>…thanks

  25. Eloisa says:

    Thank you very much for all the info.I really appreciate it.

  26. lance says:

    hi is there anyone here who knows how to get to triple g resort by public transpo? we have no car and commuting is much more an adventure..hope someone here kows..your help is much more appreciated…thaks

  27. lance says:

    btw…i mean how to commute if i were from manila-triple g resort? thanks…

    • Hindi ko rin alam pano mag-commute papunta dun. Pero may mga nakikita naman kaming jeep na dumadaan sa lugar. Pwede nyo siguro tawagan ang mismong resort and ask them how to commute.

  28. JO says:

    Great Blog ! Every single question answered.
    The only thing i did not find is the picture of the inside part of the Room. Have got some picture of the inside part of the room?

    • That’s the problem. I and my child never really got to stay in the rooms unless it’s sleeping time so I wasn’t able to take pictures inside the room. I don’t know who did. 😉

  29. JO says:

    Hi I forgot to ask how many hours ang biyahe from Manila to Laiya? and do you know the name of the new road that every one talk about that saying its only 2.5 hours travel time from Manila to Laiya?

    Kind regards.


    • Sorry, but I really don’t know Josan. I think from the last tollgate (stargate?), it took us about 1 1/2 hours so I’m not sure about that 2.5 hours. We came from Tagaytay.

  30. ana marcial says:

    HELLO! I hope you’ll reply! My friends and I were planning to have summer getaway, and we planned to go to san juan laiya batangas but then we’re still students so we are on a strict budget! what resort can u recommend? plus we plan to have an overnight stay. thank you!

    • Hello Ana. Along that stretch, I’ll recommend Triple-G Beach Resort for it’s the most affordable accommodation. Dala nalang kayo ng food na pwedeng iluto at ihawin. As mentioned in the post, meron silang gas stove at ihawan. Dala nalang kayo ng mga kawali at uling. Sana may sasakyan isa sa mga classmates mo 😉

  31. Majo says:


    Question nmn please. Last year kse sa Kabayan kme nag pabook kso fully booked sla ngaun. Maayos nmn po ba ang common CR sa Triple G? Ung mga Nipa huts po ba nla for day trip maayod din po kaya? Ano po bng itsura? Day trip lng po kse kme eh. Pcnxa n sir sa abala wla po kse akong matanungan salamat po :)


    Bka po may pwedeng magbigay sainyo ng feedback sa Nipa huts and common cr sa Sigayan Bay resory. Woul appreaciate po. salamat po



  32. cristal says:

    aw… puno ang booking sa kabayan?… sa triple g kaya?

  33. apple says:

    im looking for cheap beach resort in laiya for 40 pax, gusto ko din malaman kung magkano room rate ng pang 40 pax :) thanks :)

  34. bingo says:

    plan ng family ko mag outing this june. want to do snorkeling in Laiya, batangas. but dont know which resort to book. Thanks to your blog. very helpful.
    La luz is my choice.

  35. jason says:

    poor BABY octopus. binalik na lang sana..

  36. Jun says:

    Hi ask ko lang if how much pag20 person. We will be having our team building. We need 1 room for our things. and ano pa ba yung dapat gastusin. need help? text me po 0906-247-6849

  37. benedict says:

    ask ko lang po if may telephone no. ang triple-G in manila? thanks

  38. I’m not sure if they do :(

  39. DK says:

    Great post sir. :) Very useful information.

    Malinis ba yung room specially the CR?

    If di ka nagdala ng maluluto would you know kung affordable naman ang mga food items nila sa menu?

    At may TV at Aircon ba un mga rooms?

    • Ayos naman ang rooms and CR. May aircon pero walang TV sa loob. Yung room na nakuha namin, malaki pero nasa labas ang TV. Di ko alam kung magkano ang food nila since may dala naman kaming pangluto. 😉

  40. DK says:

    Hi Noel,

    Ask ko din pala, how did you pay your downpayment? And how much required nila na downpayment?

    By phone or by email po kayo nagreserve?

    Thanks in advance again. :)

  41. nash says:

    Hey! Thanks for your post. I guess triple g has to pay you hahaha. We might go there on the 4th of Sept because of your awesome blog. Anyway,I am waiting for your reply to the message right before me. :)

    Patulong na lang din sa mga may alam panu punta dun commute lang. Pls help thanks po :)

  42. abet dedeles says:

    hi. Is there a jeepney or tricycle plying the route of san juan palengke to triple g beach? What time is the last trip and how much? we will be arriving in San Juan Palengke at about 10PM?

  43. APE says:

    Pupunta kami sa Laiya and will be staying at Triple G soon my man.

  44. k16 says:

    hi i wanna ask you guys if the food in Laiya White Cove satisfying? because mandatory ang mgbayad ng food dun. We’re having a family getaway this coming long weekend! Thanks for the help.

  45. ping says:

    Hi! I just want to know how to get to laiya batangas from manila, no ones answering their cp number (TRIPLE G) … tnx so much

  46. Jamie Tan says:

    hi there,

    i’ve seen triple-g mentioned here. i tried their website but i think it’s no longer working. do you have the contact numbers (incl. mobile if any) and email address of triple-g? or another website (multiply, fb, etc)

    many thanks,

  47. Jamie Tan says:

    i found it na. been typing the wrong url.

  48. Paeng says:

    Hello Guys….ask ko lang sa mga concern people…Favor naman ’cause i’m confusing… who can suggest n better place to go for around 50 persons kmi…but my boss asked me a favor for cheapest but good place at ma enjoy ng mga tauhan nia….pls…reply immediately badly needed particular in laiya….tnx!!!

  49. Kire says:

    Laiya is an OVER-RATED resort. Over-Rated in Capital Letters, because THAT is what it is. The resort rates is not even close to what you will experience in Laiya. They should have changed their name to DAI-YA or DAYA! You will not see white sands here, rather it is brown to gray sands. The corals are dying or rather is almost dead, we don’t even saw a single live coral in our stay. Boat Ride? You will pay more to go to their smelling cave or snorkell to view SMALL group of fish swimming in dead corals. And thanks to those resort owners who put their cottages way beyond the shores. It is so hot since there is no coconut tree left to shade you during the hot sunny days. Be careful when walking in this NARROW shore since trashes are scattered everywhere. There is no waste management in this part of beach, they only want to take your hard-earned money. WHEW!! we should have stayed home and not waste our time traveling here in DAYA. Well, it’s you’re choice.

  50. Kire says:

    BTW, if you chose to go to Laiya, do not stay in Triple G resort- their accomodation is so cheap for their VERY high price. You will only regret more!

  51. sai says:

    hi sir,
    im looking for a beach for a venue of my friend’s wedding ds june,i would like to ask from u….if u will recommend triple g for a beach wedding venue considering the budget. Can they accomodate 80 pax for overnight stay.tnx

  52. Coco says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for posting this review! Your review of Triple G resort really helped me a lot in planning our outing. :) Anyway, do you know whether people who are checked-in triple g resort can use other resorts’ amenities? (provided that we will pay for them, of course.) Hoping to hear from you soon!:) Thank you very much :)

  53. `maricel miyahira says:

    magkanu p0 ba ang categes nio jan xka my entrance hu ba jan

  54. Leah says:

    Hi! My family are planning to have an outing this month. I would like to know if we can be accommodated by 12 or 1am sa resort? and we are like 20 persons so pwede ba kami sa biggest room or sa smallest? Thanks :)

  55. Grace of Laiya Austria says:



    Looking for cheapest accomodations in Laiya, Batangas?

    We have cheap rates for big groups and family accomodation.

    Executive Room – good for 4-6 pax at P4,500 per night
    Cottage Vans – good for 8 to 12 pax at P5,000 to P5,500 per night
    Private Villa (excl accomodation w/ 2 big rooms) – max of 15 pax at P10,000
    Family Suite (beach front) – good for 6 pax at P6,500

    You may bring and cook your own food NO CORKAGE or ENTRANCE FEEs.

    Call or text us at 0998-5314730 look for Grace

    yahoo ID: greyzie777
    yahoo mail:
    viber me: 9985314730

  56. jo says:

    ..hi, active p po ba kau??ask ko lang po kung anung beach resort ang mairerecommend nio samen, wer planning po kasi ng magawting dis month s laiya..wer just a college student p lang po..maybe around 20 people kame…ung mura lang po,(san po mura at magkano) and pwede po bang magbonfire along d sea shore…wala din po bang entrance or cottage lang..???ung pang overnight po..thank you, sana masagot niu po!:)

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