McDonald’s Not-So-Happy Meal Toys

Noel Cabacungan

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5 Responses

  1. glentot says:

    Don’t tell me nilalaro mo sila pag-uwi hahaha

    • Kotsengkuba says:

      ammm…. yes? hahaha. sa anak ko yang isang yan pero yung mga naipon ko nung college, napunta na lahat sa mga pamangkin. pati mga ferrari cars ng shell nun.

  2. arianne says:

    hi!..well if you have a successor that would be me!..i have lots of happy meal toys…just like you i only started collecting it during my college days.,but i don’t go gaga over all their toys, i only collect toys that are worth collecting for. Often times if there are lots to collect(like the pokemon balls and the letter bears)i even upsize my friend’s meals, if they were to order a spaghetti meal i will order a spaghetti happy meal and just add whatever amount is needed just to have a toy. My mom often scold me whenever she saw new toys from mcdo…hehehehe…for me its a collection, i am happy to see my collection… now a days mcdo offers old happy meal toys at a lower cost, sometimes its 3 or 4 for 100, and guess what!?!?!mcdonalds at Megamall offers it as low as P10!!yes!as in TEN-PESOS!… I just graduated from college last April, and i already have a 3-month old son, and i suppose all these will be his is due time…(except for the girly ones!lolz)…just to add up, since last week i am so problematic…hehehe…because i lack just one from the shrek’s collection.i didn’t knew that there are two sets of toys(both are shrek’s)..and i am very eager to have that last peice!…i’ve been to almost 10 branches but none of them have it…i lack shrek with his baby…huhuhuhuhu…

  3. Daniel Nieves says:

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