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Photoshoot inside a warehouse 0

Warehouse at 1745H

All photos taken inside a warehouse at 5:45PM, local time. So far it’s the most awesome natural light I’ve ever had on a casual photo shoot. Not sure if that already was the magic hour. Now I had to learn how to position my subjects to maximize the natural light given a very limited time.

frankenfruit 0

Instagram web embeds

Just recently, Instagram has introduced web embeds which allows users to embed their favorite (or most hated) photos uploaded on Instagram. Follow the link for more details.

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Lazada Philippines and MegaLink Inc. Launches New Payment Method

As the title implies, online shoppers may now opt to pay for their purchases at Lazada Philippines using their MegaLink and ATM Cash cards. What’s not clear though is whether you’ll be able to have your ATM cards/bank accounts debited online you still have to go to an ATM machine to do the actual payments.