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Red Snapper, Big-eye Trevally and Long-jawed Mackerel

In case you’re wondering, those words in the title are the English names of popular fishes in the Philippines.

It’s bad enough that my local fish vocabulary is limited to bangus, dilis, galunggong and tilapia, having to identify them when I’m outside our motherland makes things more complicated so I had a blast learning about their English names from the StuartXchange website.


If I’m not mistaken, the fish in the photo above is the Red Snapper or more commonly known in the Philippines as Maya-maya. I took the photo during our last visit to the fish market.

Below is a photo of the Big-eye Trevally in tamarind broth (sinigang na talakitok) which our colleague, Jun T, cooked using a great but uncommon style, more of this in another post.

sinigang na talakitok

We also bought shrimps and Purse-eyed scads (matambaka) but the ones I loved the most are the Long-jawed Mackerels (alumahan). I think we’ll be feasting with fresh fish for at least a week.

Check out StuartXchange and The Fish Map and have fun naming local fishes in English.

O hayan, I linked my sources. Hindi SOTTOCOPY yan!

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