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Piña Colina, chilling on top of a hill

Pina Colina resort is a cluster of log houses sitting on top of a hill here in Tagaytay City. Rates for their room accommodation starts from Php2,000 per night inclusive of various ammenities such as access to the swimming pool, jacuzzi, videoke room, and the likes.

During the peak of El Niño, the Water District had to control the water supply in our area lest the water from the faucets will run out for all eternity. It was so effing hot but we can’t setup our inflatable swimming pool because of the current water situation and our reservation at Triple G beach resort in Laiya, Batangas was not yet set.

Fortunately, one of our friendly neighborhood ultra-rich neighbors built a resort and in it is a swimming pool. The swimming pool is supposed to be strictly for their log house tenants use only but we we’re fortunate enough to be given access for a very minimal fee.

Upon knowing that we’ll be swimming in the pool, Tifa immediately demanded to be dressed in her swimming attire, slipped on her floatee and proceeded to where the swimming pool is. And so we followed.

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

There’s a huge shell lying on the poolside so I took the opportunity to teach Tifa one of the biggest lessons she has to learn – that the sound of the ocean can be trapped inside huge sea shells. HAHAHA!

Piña Colina, Tagaytay City

These are just some of the photos I was able to take when we first visited Piña Colina. That log house on the left on the picture below was the first house or to be built in the resort’s vicinity. It was originally intended for short-time stays but later it became home for Korean students. But just last month, for reasons I no longer need to know, the Koreans moved to another place.

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

And this is where the swimming pool is located. That room on the left in the photo below is the function room. I believe there’s also a videoke inside but we never actually checked.

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

Now this is a tower-like thingy near the poolside and on top, a jacuzzi awaits the guests. I don’t know the capacity but it must be cool. Err, cold? 😉

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay City

Aside for aesthetic purposes and the opportunity to enjoy watching colorful lanterns float on the water, I can’t find any reason why someone would build a swimming pool on top of a hill. Unless, of course, someone wants to die of hypothermia. HAHAHA!

I believe Piña Colina resort is best for seminars, company plannings, conventions, debut and wedding receptions. But not for mere swimming, except during the peak of summer. Unless you hate the tropics so much that you’d rather swim in the Antarctic.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact:

Mobile Numbers: (Globe) +63917.529.8833 / (Smart) +63921.391.1843 / (Sun) +63932.699.5174

Mobile Numbers: (Globe) +63927.576.5455 / (Sun) +63923.996.6682

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27 Responses to Piña Colina, chilling on top of a hill

  1. Anna says:

    Does the resort allow day trips? For how much?

  2. Mhel says:

    gaano kalamig yung water sa pool?

  3. sis says:

    how much if we’ll stay there for our camping, 3 days and 2 nights, but we’ll use tents? pls reply asap…:)

  4. Marlo M. Joven says:

    Do you have landline? We’re interested to make booking for the holy week.

    Please do reply, ASAP!


  5. Kamla Solas says:

    mag kano po ang entrance?

  6. Rey Lawrence Roa says:

    Do you offer apartment for 2 nights stay like for 7 8 fax?

  7. pam says:

    I would like to ask how much is the overnight stay good for 7 Adults & 2 kids ( at least 2 bedrooms)? WE are planning this august 28-29.
    Thank you.

  8. great guest says:

    how much accommodations per room?

  9. kate bach says: its easy to drive thru the resort?from the main road..or do we need to climb up–lol– thanks

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  11. Roque says:

    are you accepting overnight stay?how much does it cost including the room accommodation.

  12. grace says:

    pina colina is a nice place. kagagaling lng nmin dun kahapon. great experience!

  13. St.Joseph Foundation says:

    Hi Sir/Madam;

    I am looking for a possible venue for our seminar this coming march 18-20 for 25 people. Do you have a function hall? and how much is your room accomodation? can i visit the resort?

    Thank you.

  14. Ethel Cuevas says:

    Would like to enquire accommodation cost for 15 adults and 3 kids ages 1,3 and 7. Date is tentative on 26-28 Dec 2013. What are the inclusions on your daily rate?
    Please reply on my email.
    Thank you.

  15. camille manio says:

    please send me your rates? night swimming? day swimming? and cottages? do you allow guest bringing food? please email me asap or contact me at 09228481744

  16. camille manio says:

    please send me your rates?

  17. Cynthia Kumagai says:

    Ang ganda at very peaceful. Para bagang napakalapit mo sa nature altho i am just looking at the pictures at my computer but my sister Victoria Macarasig have been to your place twice, infact her second is today with her family and another family friend. For sure when i go balikbayan next year i will be there at Pina Colina also. Thank you and looking forward experiencing your services and be near to nature ! Good luck and keep up the good works.

  18. ROn says:

    hi sir/ma’am.. magkano po ang rates nyo for overnyt stay? for couple lang… please text me to this number 09183711509 or email me @ thanks.

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