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The Origami Bird Chronicle

If you have been a regular on this blog, you have probably realized how much I’m into origami and that I love folding papers to turn them into different animal models. Last week, while browsing through Pinoy Exchange forums, I stumbled upon the origami works of Satoshi Kamiya. To give you an insight, here’s an origami book compilation of his advanced origami models – Works of Satoshi KAMIYA. Or better yet, here’s someone else’s successful folds of the Bahamut (Divine Dragon) and an Ancient Dragon.

But what really caught my attention was this Chocobo Origami (google FF7). Here’s how the yellow bird is supposed to look like, photo from here.

origami chocobo

I found a three-part video instructions from Youtube and this is what’s keeping me even busier these past days. Video instructions: P1» P2» P3»

Two days and three papers later, here’s what I made out of the instructions so far:

origami chocobo

I started with the recommended 15cm square origami paper and I failed so I tried using bigger ones (21cm) but I still can’t perfect the repeated open sink folds to make the feet. See the one with the floral pattern, that’s how my chocobo origami look so far.

If you’re not an FF7 fan, here’s what a Chocobo looks like. For other instructions, here’s how to make origamis.

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  1. Ape says:

    Now I know what to do with all the Pandesal paper bags I have at home.

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